Event coordinated by the Hepatitis B Foundation

2019 International HBV Meeting Program


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Session Titles

Session I: Advances in models to study HBV infection, replication, clearance and pathogenesis

Session II: Viral entry, cccDNA biogenesis and homeostasis

Session III: HBV replication, gene expression and egress

Session IV: Hepatitis B genotypes, variants and evolution

Session V: Mechanisms of HBV related pathogenesis and HCC

Session VI: Intrinsic restriction and innate immunity to HBV infection

Session VII: Adaptive immunity to HBV infection

Session VIII (a): New antivirals and targets - Directing acting antivirals

Session VIII (b): New antivirals and targets - Immunotherapies


Keynote Presentations

Feng Shao2

Feng Shao, PhD
National Institute of Biological Sciences
Beijing, China


Sharon Lewin cropped

Sharon Lewin, PhD
Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity
Melbourne, VIC, Australia