Event coordinated by the Hepatitis B Foundation

ICE-HBV Symposium

September 30, 2021

ICE-HBV is organizing a pre-conference interactive workshop on HBV biomarkers aimed at scientists, clinicians, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry representatives.  The workshop, chaired by Anna Kramvis and Peter Revill, is put together by the ICE-HBV serum biomarkers working group. Both classic and future biomarkers will be discussed. The workshop will lead to a consensus statement on promising serum biomarkers.

The workshop will focus on HBV biomarkers, which are necessary for:

    • Following the natural history: clinical phases of infection
    • Surveillance: identify infected individuals
    • Linkage to care and treatment
    • Monitoring treatment and response to vaccination
    • Prediction of treatment outcomes and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma
    • Determining the efficacy of new agents in clinical trials
    • HBV cure endpoints
    • Detection of occult HBV infection (OBI)
    • This will include:
      Classical markers: HBsAg, HBeAg, anti-HBs, anti-HBe, anti-HBc, HBV DNA, immunological markers
      Novel markers: qHBVDNA, qHBsAg, HBcrAg, HBV RNA
      Future markers: qAnti-HBc, Immune complex, qHBeAg, HBsAg isoforms, Integrated DNA, Splice variants, Genotyping assays.

Come back soon for a detailed version of the ICE-HBV Symposium

The ICE-HBV Biomarkers Workshop is organized by:

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